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Student reading

The academy’s curriculum is underpinned by the values of aspiration and excellence. All students are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum, centred around a traditional academic core, which provides opportunities for intellectual and personal development. The curriculum offers appropriate challenge and support and enthuses students about their learning. It provides numerous and varied opportunities for enrichment and character development and prepares students for life as competent, confident and responsible citizens.


In practice this means that…


  1. All students master the basics of literacy and numeracy in Key Stage 3
  2. All students are entitled to study an academic core of English, Maths, Science, Humanities and a Modern Foreign Language
  3. Vocational courses are offered where appropriate
  4. All Key Stage 3 students have a PSHE period every week.
  5. All students participate in a wide-ranging and character building Enrichment programme, which includes community service, international trips, cultural visits, guest speakers and outdoor activities


Curriculum plans for 2016-2017 can be found below

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Click here to view Year 8

Click here to view Year 9

Click here to view Year 10

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Key Stage 3 Assessment

Student attainment in Years 7 and 8 is assessed against descriptors for ‘Steps’. Each Step describes the understanding that students must master by the end of Key Stage 3, in order to be on-track for a given GCSE level by the end of Year 11. (For example, if a student achieves Step 5 by the end of Key Stage 3, they will be on-track to achieve a GCSE Grade 5 at the end of Year 11). Please find below a booklet which outlines the Step descriptors for each subject. If you have any questions about Key Stage 3 assessment, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. J Field, Vice Principal (

Assessment Steps Booklet - Click here to download (0.5mb)

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