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Global Studies

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Global Studies at The Ebbsfleet Academy

The Global Studies department comprises of Geography, History, Religious Studies and Modern Foreign Languages. These subjects are always asking the big questions in life - Where do we live? Why did we settle here? What do we believe in?


In KS3 Geography students will study the following:

• Where in the world is Swanscombe?
• Home and Away- who are our neighbours, an introduction into the EU
• Watery World- An introduction into the hydrological cycle
• Totally Wild- Africa how it differs to the UK; conservation, climate.
• Regional weather- what factors affect our weather?
• Rock and Roll Years- Tectonics and their hazards
• The Holiday programme- Looking at different biomes and what factors affect tourism
• Dancing on Ice- An introduction into glaciers and polar biomes.

In KS4 Geography students study Edexcel B and cover the following:

• River landscapes
• Sustainable development
• Climate change
• A watery world- sustainability and management
• The physical world - looking at tectonics, hazards and how humans interact with them


KS3 RS - Students are covering an introduction to religion course where all of the six major world religions are explored. Alongside a central focus on Christianity, beliefs about life after death, worship, festivals and belief in gods are covered for Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism and Hinduism. Students are able to explore these concepts in trips to a local Gudwara.

KS4 RS - In GCSE RS, students follow the EdExcel Religious Studies course, Unit 2 and Unit 8 where students explore ethical issues from a Christian and Muslim perspective. The following modules are covered:

• Believing in God
• Matters of Life and Death
• Marriage and the Family
• Community Cohesion
• Rights and Responsibilities
• Environmental and Medical Ethics
• Peace and Conflict


In KS3, students are covering an exciting range of topics from the reign of Elizabeth I through to the Industrial Revolution. In KS4, students are undertaking their GCSE syllabus - OCR Schools History Project. Here, students study an interesting and in depth scope of Medicine Through Time alongside Nazi Germany.

Students in KS4 will also cover castle development for their controlled assessment based on local history, including an educational visit and exploration of Dover Castle.


At KS 3 the students study a variety of topics, such as family life, pets, the local area, the environment, sports, hobbies, holidays and school. The ability to understand and communicate in another language is a lifelong skill. The development of communication skills, together with an understanding of the structure of language, lay the foundations for future study of languages and support the development of literacy skills in English.

At KS4 The Ebbsleet Academy, pupils have the opportunity to study French and Spanish at GCSE level. The courses cover a range of personal, social and work-related topics, including:
1. Home and local area.
2. Leisure and lifestyle: free time, the media, sport, health and relationships
3. Travel and the wider world: holidays, environmental, cultural and social issues.
4. Education and work: school life in Great Britain and French/Spanish speaking countries, work experience, future study and jobs.
We study the Edexcel GCSE specification.

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