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The core purpose of the Mathematics department is to equip students with the mathematical skills they need to succeed in life after school. All lessons in the department are well differentiated to meet the needs of varying ability across Key Stages 3 and 4. Students are encouraged to work in teams through group activities in and outside the classroom. Extra after school provision is available to consolidate learning in class and address any weak areas in students’ knowledge. Each classroom is fully equipped with up to date electronic equipment and the department also subscribes to the latest mathematical websites which students can access and enjoy at home.

Due to our high expectations, the majority of our students at Key Stage 4 are entered for the higher tier maths GCSE exam.

The department also provide opportunity for every student in the school to have an additional GCSE qualification in statistics. The aim is to ensure that whilst students are prepared to sit the GCSE mathematics, additional focus is also given to topics in Statistics that form a good core of the Mathematics curriculum. The expectation is for all our students to gain two GCSE qualifications from the Mathematics departments.

The Maths faculty is richly experienced and highly familiar with curriculum trends and exam specifications.

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Director of Learning - Maths


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Ms Lotter


Director of Learning - Maths


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