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English is a subject that is often discussed in terms of the importance to school league tables, to entry into college and providing a foundation to further education. All these points are true and particularly in the latter cases of real value. However, too often such an empirical view of English serves to obscure its true merit; to devalue the journey that studying the subject can take one upon. It fails to take into account the worlds that can be created, the ideas that can be explored and the enjoyment that the knowledge can garner. Mark Twain famously said that a man who does not read has no more advantage than a man who cannot.  This is because the power of reading can take you to places and ideas previously unimagined.

At The Ebbsfleet Academy the English Department aims to strike a balance between the aforementioned achievement and the enrichment. On the former our goals are clear, unashamedly ambitious and will provide students with the results they need to access further education and realise their full potential. On the latter our aims are no less ambitious; we want students to be passionate about reading, to relish using their imagination and to develop a broader understanding of the world. These two goals go hand in hand as both provide the platform for students to go out into the wider world equipped with the knowledge, skills and passion that will make them flourish in life beyond The Ebbsfleet Academy.

Our KS3 curriculum allows students to not only develop key literacy skills but also to read novels about the Holocaust, look at advertising techniques, study myths and legends and create their own pieces of imaginative writing. Whilst at KS4 we have formed a syllabus that enables students to gain the highest grades in English Language and Literature as well as studying a range of texts and new ideas.  The lessons are complimented by an exciting, evolving series of outside the classroom possibilities. These include a spelling bee, literature enrichment club and school trips.

English is a passport to both the future and culture, a means of broadening horizons in terms of future prospects and knowledge.


Ms Thomas


Director of Learning - English


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Mr Knuckles


Director of Learning - English


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