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We had an overwhelming response to these prefect positions and are pleased to quote a wide range of our own student’s comments.


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The best thing about the Ebbsfleet Academy is that the school motto is "Aspire, Excel", and I think this is what the student body is encouraged to do. 


As a student of The Ebbsfleet Academy I can hold my head up high. 


I think that the school's achievement ladder is a great incentive for people to behave and follow the 3 main school rules correctly.


There is a great atmosphere and buzz at The Ebbsfleet Academy wherever you go, whatever lesson you're in, whatever year group you talk to, there's so much positivity.


Students like the new rules, we like to feel we are going forward.


From what I can see The Ebbsfleet Academy is soaring high above most schools in the area.


The best things about The Ebbsfleet Academy are the new staff and rules. They push students so they can do the best of their ability and achieve good grades.


The best thing about the academy so far I think must be the rules as classes have become so much calmer.


I want to be a prefect more than anything as the academy has improved my chances of being a successful well rounded adult.


I am proud to call myself a student of The Ebbsfleet Academy.


I believe the change has been the best thing that has happened to my education. The academy has exemplary standards and this has encouraged me to do the same.


The best thing about the academy is its impeccably high standards.


I love the consistent approach adopted by all staff members as all students are completely aware of where they stand.


The teaching has improved since the school became an academy.


Being a prefect for The Ebbsfleet Academy would be a privilege. I would be delighted if you were to hand me the prefect badge to wear with pride.


The teachers are much more closely monitored to make sure they are providing the highest possible education.


I find myself not wanting to settle for statistical averages anymore. It goes further now. Not only do I want to reach my expectations but I want to exceed them, and the academy makes this possible.


The best thing about the academy is the fairness in which all students are treated.


I may not have the perfect past as a student but I want to have the perfect future as one.


At first I thought the rules were a bit harsh but now I realise why they needed to change.


There are many things that stand out and what I think are brilliant about the academy, but one thing I really respect from all the staff is the consistency and the high standards.


I feel that all staff encourage me to be all I can be and more.  

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