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As we near the end of the autumn term we look back with pride on what has been achieved by the school – pupils, staff, parents. In September we finally welcomed OFSTED,  who carried out the academy’s first ever inspection. I was absolutely delighted when we were judged good in all categories, and the inspectors recognised the tremendous achievements of so many over the last three years. They stated, "There have been impressive improvements in all aspects of the school since opening.” With regard to our pupils’ learning they continued, “Pupils’ progress has accelerated consistently and it has improved significantly over time.” Of course, there is a lot more to a successful school than just academic progress. The inspectors were full of praise for our pupils, meeting many of them over the two days, and observing them in lessons and at break time. “The behaviour of pupils is good", they wrote. "Pupils’ conduct around the school is orderly and the atmosphere is pleasant. There is mutual respect between pupils and staff, and a shared set of high behavioural expectations. These have enabled progress to improve for all pupils.”  They also understood a really important priority for us when they stated "Leaders have made pupils’ safety a central staff responsibility". Thank you to the very many of you who took the time to do the parent survey, and it was very pleasing to read, “Parents feel strongly that the school is well led and managed.” May I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful break. School will re-open for pupils at 10.45 on Tuesday 3rd January.

Kind Regards
Alison Colwell

Principal Blog / Updated: 14/12/2016

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