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Students in Action (SMSC)

SMSC Overview

SMSC stands for Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. At The Ebbsfleet Academy, we are committed to ensuring all students are engaged in a number of different activities that foster a love of SMSC through their education. Students have the chance to experience cultural trips to museums, places of worship and explore key cultural sights in London. Students visit the Houses of Parliament and have seats to witness Parliamentary Debates on a yearly basis. Students volunteer for local and national charities, alongside taking part in national themed days such as Comic Relief and Children In Need. SMSC is embedded through all subjects, and every term subject leaders create SMSC themed starter activities across the whole school. Students have the chance to take part in multiple Inter-House events, such as the Spelling Bee, Inter-House debating and the Alternative Sports Day. Lastly, SMSC is embedded weekly through a weekly ‘Thought for the Week’ and morning SMSC tutor time session, which explores relevant SMSC events happening in that week; for example, exploring prejudice and discrimination, resolving the migrant conflict, bullying and e-safety.

SMSC in Subject Areas

Kew Gardens webSMSC is tracked through termly subject leader meetings to ensure that it is being developed and delivered efficiently and effectively across the curriculum. Each term, subjects are asked to create SMSC starters that explore weekly themes through their curriculum. House ethos is explored thoroughly through subjects, and in every PM tutor time, tutors reflect on the achievement and successes students have had in the different subject areas. There are various SMSC projects that different subjects lead on; in Maths, a Shard project was developed where students competed to estimate costings of the Shard, with the winning team embarking on a site visit to London. This year, we are extremely excited to be launching a garden project, where students and parents alike will work in partnership with the Science and Tech department to create and grow garden boxes with produce for students to enjoy. Various different subject areas embark on trips to also widen students’ SMSC appreciation. This year, the Geography department is running a trip to Iceland, and last year trips were organised to Spain. Students also get the chance to engage with many different places of worship through Religious Education, and get to visit a Gudwara, Hindu Temple, Churches and Mosque.

Community Links/Volunteering

Litter PicklowStudents have the opportunity to widen and engage with the community through multiple experiences at the Ebbsfleet Academy. Students can embark to volunteer in a community litter pick, where we go into Swanscombe and return with refuge to recycle. Students can help volunteer for the local charity Hive Hope, where we run regular donations to the food bank as part of our ongoing support of our local area. The Ebbsfleet Academy also welcome in numerous leaders of the community into school to work and speak to students throughout the year. Recent examples include the MP for Dartford, Gareth Johnson, the town councillor and a number of different local religious leaders and charity workers. Students finally have the opportunity to join the Discover enrichment which takes pupils out to local theatres in either Dartford or London to explore and develop their appreciation of culture in the community.

The Ebbsfleet Academy is also committed to ensuring student’s value and respect the power of volunteering.  Students are able to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh enrichment, where they can take part in a number of volunteering activities and take ownership of leading and exploring through a number of expeditions that take part. As a school, we also have a long term established relationship with the local charity Hive Hope. We have a collection point in school for food donations for the food bank at the Hive Hope, and monthly a group of students lead on delivery the parcels and helping sort the food into the areas in the food bank.

Charity Events

Panorama1Each House is responsible for one charity event each year. This year (2016), the House charities are:

Bell House - Cancer Research UK

Drake House - Hope for Children

Scott House - Ellenor (Formerly Ellenor Lions Hospice)

Sharman House - MIND

Once a year, the Heads of House will lead their charity events to raise money for their specific charities. Events could include ‘I’m a Teacher – Get Me Out Of Here!’, school raffles, ‘Soak the Teacher’, school rap offs, dance competitions and many other fundraising activities. The Ebbsfleet Academy also take part in a number of national charity events such as Comic Relief, Sport Relief and Children In Need, raising money through various different means to these fantastic causes.

The Ebbsfleet Academy is extremely proud to have a number of other charity events which run annually. Each year we take part in Operation Christmas Child, where every tutor is given a shoebox to fill full of clothes and toys for children who can’t celebrate Christmas abroad. Last year we donated over 50 shoeboxes, our best ever total! We have also launched the yearly “EA5K” charity event, raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society. The EA5K was pioneered and led by one of students who wanted to raise money for such a good cause. In 2015 we raised in excess of £2000 through running sponsorship and hope to build on this in the future.

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Click here to view Drake House charity photos 2016

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