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Home Testing Information

NHS Test and Trace: Rapid Self-Testing for Students

Home test kits are now being issued to students. Students will perform these tests themselves. 

Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests have been widely and successfully used to detect Covid-19 in asymptomatic individuals. No test is perfect, but the speed and convenience of LFD tests supports detection of the virus in asymptomatic individuals who would not otherwise be tested. They are clinically approved and are crucial in the fight against the virus. As the tests are more sensitive with higher viral loads, there is a risk of returning a negative result when viral loads are low (e.g. in the early stages of infection). This is why Public Health England recommend two LFD tests 3 to 4 days apart, or regular testing, to enhance detection by picking up any cases which were not detected during the first test and to catch any new infections.

It’s a simple swab test you can do at home, using a Lateral Flow Device (LFD). It takes around 30 minutes to find out if you have the virus.

How the tests work

Students will be issued from school the LFD test kits which enable self-testing from home.  Full instructions on how to use the kit are included within the pack.

Students will conduct the test, before coming into school, twice a week. The test kits supplied do not require laboratory processing and can provide a quick result in around 30 minutes.

Comprehensive guidance on self-testing is contained in the ‘Instructions for Use’ leaflet which comes with the test kit. There is also a useful set of videos to show you how to administer the test.

Once the test has been conducted you will need to:

Please read the “How to log a result” sheet for further assistance on logging results.

Consent & Privacy

Once you understand the testing process and read the privacy notice, if you choose to participate, you are committing to your child self-administering the test and providing the results. You should ensure that you provide your child’s results (positive, negative or void) to NHS Test and Trace via the self-report page.  Results should also be shared with the Academy to support local contact tracing.  Log your result with the Academy here.

Participation in testing is voluntary.  Students who decline to participate can still attend school if not symptomatic.  Kits will only be issued to those students who consented to the in-school testing.  If your child decides they no longer wish to be tested please let us know, so we can remove them from our lists.  Equally, if your child did not participate in testing in school, but now wants a home test kit please let us know.  Students who decline to participate in this testing programme should follow the usual national guidelines on self-isolation and anyone should get tested if they show symptoms.

We will support our students throughout the testing but let us know if you have any questions.