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Ebbsfleet Academy

Ebbsfleet Academy

Year 11 Snow Work



Spend time memorising the quotations and other details on your knowledge organisers; you will be tested on your return. Complete the practice essays you have been doing in class. You should then go on to the PiXL independence website (login details on the VLE) and complete English tasks from there.


Use the PiXL maths app to practice your main areas of weakness. You should enter your answers into the app but must write all you workings on paper. We expect to see a minimum of 4 pages of written workings.


For each of chemistry, biology and physics, produce a minimum one side of revision notes on an area of weakness and one side of written answers to questions from the Target 5 book.

BTEC science - produce a minimum of 6 sides of revision notes using whatever resources you have at home and websites such as BBC Bitesize.