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Ebbsfleet Academy

Ebbsfleet Academy

Students visit Castle Hill Housing Development

A group of students from Ebbsfleet Academy's Year 10 Design Technology class visited the Castle Hill housing development this week.

As part of a coursework unit looking into materials and structure they saw first hand many of their key areas of knowledge being put to work:

Structural forms, reinforcement principles, properties of materials and many more.

Students also gained 'hands on' experience of some of the trades being carried out on site including bricklaying and carpentry. Students gained valuable insights into the industry seeing houses at all stages of completion from foundations through to 'second fix' and a look at all possible careers involved.

Having studied most of these principles in the classroom, finally getting to see them being put into practice a student remarked;

"Its like seeing the film after reading the book"

Many thanks to all those at David Wilson Homes who assisted with this trip for our students!