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Ebbsfleet Academy

Ebbsfleet Academy

School Reports now​​​​​​ on SLG

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What is it SLG?

SIMS Learning Gateway provides secure online access to your school's information anytime, anywhere. With SIMS Learning Gateway, our parents are better engaged with student’s raw data available to them from anywhere using any internet including portable devices.  


Parental engagement is vital to children’s academic progress - with the Gateway, parents can log on from any PC to access the information they need to support their child’s learning, including attendance and student progress. We as a school can now publishing student reports online, resulting in our school saving up to £3,000 per year on printing and postage costs. This product is part of the Capita group so integration and support with Sims is maximised with no extra interaction required and not effecting staff workload. 3rdparty products would be forced to export /import all data or manipulate to produce the same reports SLG turns out without any additional load on servers or staff.

Key Benefits

Real-time information on a child’s progress available 24/7

Secure online access to real-time data ensures staff, parents and students are working together to the same goals, reducing the reliance on end of year student reports.

Engage parents in their child’s education

Give parents instant access to their child’s achievement, progress and attendance information and offer a clearer picture of what a child is learning via a homework diary to allow for better support from home.

Register for SLG or Login Problems?

Click here to contact SLG support for any passwords, login problem or to register for a new account. Please note only users with Parent Responsibility can have access to SLG.

Click here to view the Parents/Carers User Guide.