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Ebbsfleet Academy

Ebbsfleet Academy

Community Cook Book

Today, Tuesday 26 May 2020, The Ebbsfleet Academy has launched a ‘Family Recipe Appeal’ to bring together stories of cooking and family recipes from within the community to launch a charity cook book.  We are all living in unusual times, different to what we know, but this has led to great and positive things too.  Many have discovered the power of cooking and eating together, building connections and strengthening the family bond.

Heather Knowles, Marketing and In Year Admissions Officer for The Ebbsfleet Academy said: “I realised that many of my recent conversations with friends, family and colleagues had been about cooking and sharing of recipes.  This gave me the idea to produce a community cook book.  Everyone’s got to eat and as many of us are finding out, there is something quite satisfying about cooking a new dish.”

The academy is aiming to showcase over 50 delicious recipes from the community, the cook book will also feature favourite recipes cooked by academy students in their food technology classes.  All profits from the sales of The Ebbsfleet Academy Community Cook Book will be donated to two local charities Mary’s Child and Slide Away.

Ms Gurjit Kaur Shergill, Principal of The Ebbsfleet Academy said: “This is a lovely idea and the cook book will be a great community showcase.  It’s a positive way to reach out, asking the community to share a family recipe that means a lot to them.  The cook book will represent what we as a community can accomplish when we work together and as individuals in our kitchen’s cooking and dishing up a new dish.”

How to share a recipe: The sharing of recipes, family stories and cooking knowledge is a great way to help each other.  By sharing a recipe, whether savoury or sweet, you can inspire more families to enjoy cooking together.  To find out more about the community cook book or to share a recipe visit:

We look forward reading about your family’s favourite dish and trying out a new recipe to #dishupanewdish.  The last opportunity for you to share a recipe is Friday 5 June 2020.  #Dishupanewdish and celebrate the power of cooking, which is helping us to keep connected to one another.