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Ebbsfleet Academy

Ebbsfleet Academy

Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

Our vision is for Ebbsfleet Academy to become the number one school of choice in the local community. It is to be an oversubscribed school that children walk to, with their friends, a school to which they enjoy coming and one of which they feel proud.

Our vision is of a school characterised by outstanding teaching, lessons that inspire and ignite, where pupils and staff excel, and where the excellent exam results are merely the outcome of the outstanding teaching, rather than the aim in itself.

Our vision is of a school with the highest of standards and expectations, an orderly and respectful environment, of a school where relationships between staff and pupils are exceptionally positive and courteous, and a school where staff are highly fulfilled and feel valued.

Our vision is of a school where all the difficulties and disadvantages of the outside world are left at the school gate. I believe that all pupils can achieve, regardless of post code, and that deprivation does not determine destiny. I believe in a culture that says — “every child, every day, no excuses”. I believe the all-round development of the child is vital, nurturing and educating our pupils to become well-rounded young people, polite, well-mannered, interested in the world around them, in the arts, in culture, in travel, in politics. I believe that an education must equip pupils properly for the real world and for the rest of their lives.

Our ethos

Our academy is centred on raising standards for all pupils, ensuring that the highest of expectations, a consistency in approach and outstanding teaching and learning are the norm for all. Aspiration, achievement and attainment are promoted and celebrated, recognising that each student is an individual, unique and special. We insist upon excellent standards of behaviour including dress, and promote a safe, calm and orderly environment where the focus is on learning. We want our pupils to enjoy coming to school; it is a place where alongside a disciplined environment there is a strong current of care, encouragement and reward.

Our values

We have five academy values that underpin everything we do — respect, resilience, integrity, independence and confidence. We believe passionately that we can all achieve our goals and better our futures. We aim to promote in our pupils a strong culture of achievement, aspiration and ambition for success. We endeavour to develop independent, determined and self-motivated individuals, ready to learn for themselves.

Our Expectations

There are 3 main expectations for our students:

Work Hard

  • Attend the academy every day, punctually and in full academy uniform worn correctly.
  • Arrive at lessons punctually and with the appropriate equipment.
  • Focus on your studies and work to the best of your ability at all times.
  • Complete your homework to the best of your ability and hand it in by the deadline.
  • Never give up!

Be Nice

  • Show kindness and respect to all members of the academy community and the environment.
  • Report any incidents of bullying to a member of staff.
  • Follow any instruction given by an adult first time and without complaint. 

Use your common sense

  • Always act responsibly, sensibly and maturely.
  • Remember that we are all ambassadors for our academy.