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The Ebbsfleet Academy

A Brook Learning Trust Academy

Able, gifted and talented students

The academy is committed to ensuring that all of our students are stretched in their studies and achieve their full potential, whatever their ability.

Following termly data drops, attainment data is robustly analysed to highlight students who are excelling in their studies.  These students are termed “Ebbsfleet Achievers” in recognition of their success and diligence.   All of our Ebbsfleet Achievers, and indeed all of our students, can expect to be presented with challenging work in class that requires them to reflect, critically analyse and evaluate.  The Ebbsfleet Achiever list is a fluid document, reviewed three times per year, and if students continue to ‘Aspire and Excel’ then they will be an Ebbsfleet Achiever for the duration of their school career.

Ebbsfleet Achievers are provided with a range of exciting and engaging enrichment opportunities.  For example, Year 9 students competed in a mathematical competition themed around The Shard, Year 8 students took part in a mock magistrates’ trial, and Year 10 students were given £10 to build a business and compete for profit.

We are very proud of the active and enthusiastic role that Ebbsfleet Achievers play in the life of the academy, such as participation in the Spelling Bee, Maths Challenge, and “Science does Pointless” competition.