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Academy Sports Captain

An opportunity to support and deliver sport 

At the academy we believe that sport can provide students with the opportunity to develop their teamwork, leadership skills and many more attributes that can aid their holistic growth.

The role of a ‘Sports Captain’ is an opportunity for individuals to support and deliver the Physical Education Programme at the academy.  Sports Captains will be announced at the beginning of the new school year.  Students in years 7, 8. 9 and 10 can apply.  In total we are looking to appoint 16 Sports Captains. Four ‘Sports Captains’ per year group, providing representation for each of the four houses.

Characteristics of a Sports Captain

As a Sports Captain at The Ebbsfleet Academy you will be an excellent role model and equipped with personal characteristics that will secure your success in the role:

  • Set an Example: As a leader your peers are likely to follow you down any behavioural path you choose. For the good of the team, you need to be heading down the right pathway.
  • Awareness:  As a leader awareness is key. There's no absolute method to leadership, and your approach to certain scenarios should be heavily influenced by being aware of external factors.
  • Passion: Sport is intrinsically passionate. You feel the same set of emotions out on the pitch every game. Euphoria from victory and disappointment in defeat. As a leader, you have to embody the positive side of those emotions, such as commitment, dedication and passion.   In order to drive your team towards their goals.
  • Communication: At the very core of great leadership is having the ability to inspire others towards a series of goals. To get those goals across to team members, you need to be able to communicate effectively. 
  • Vision: For you to lead you need to have a purpose and an outcome goal, this is where vision is crucial. You need your peers to buy into what you want to achieve

Many of the characteristics required to be a successful Sports Captain interlock with one another. Your vision requires the ability to know how to get there, communication to let others know how they will contribute, motivation and enthusiasm to share your vision and that will win the support of others.

The role and responsibilities of a Sports Captain

A Sports Captains has specific roles and responsibilities. Part of their role is to uphold the good name of the academy and be a key member in supporting and delivering a successful sports programme.

The responsibilities of a Sports Captain include:

  • encouraging players to cooperate with each other
  • being an example of good sportsmanship for team members
  • being a role model at all times both on and off the field
  • wearing the appropriate sports uniform
  • generating team spirit and respect for all players
  • cheering team members on and encouraging others to do so
  • ensuring that team members assist other participants in setting up and taking down equipment
  • encouraging a sense of belonging, responsibility and partnership among all players
  • being pro-active in playground issues
  • assisting and supporting the running of sporting events
  • being respectful and courteous to teams from other schools.

Apply here to be a Sports Captain

To express your interest and to apply to be a ‘Sports Captain’, please complete and submit the online application form here.  Please ensure you have submitted your application by Monday 15th June 2020.  Remember to think about your strengths, your vision and what you could bring to the role.

The names of students that have been appointed as 'Sports Captains' will be announced on Wednesday 2nd September 2020.

Good luck with your application,

Miss Trew

Director of learning – Physical Education