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GCSE Results Day 2018

We are delighted to celebrate the success of so many of our Year 11 pupils as they receive their GCSE results. Across the country, these have been new qualifications, with a more challenging content and a different assessment regime, but the hard work of our pupils and their teachers has again paid off. Of particular note are the excellent results in English, science, Spanish, history, art, food and cookery and sport. Of course, results are about children and their individual successes. We congratulate all the pupils on their results but would like to particularly note the excellent results of these pupils who all achieved 9 or more GCSEs at the top grades - Sophie Hemming, Pabish Rai, Bethany Dawson, Advaith Srivathsan, Jessie Thompson, Adrian Romanowski, Jack Sharp, Nitika Kumar and Ritika Kumar amongst others. With this being the first year of the new grading system across subjects we are extremely proud of pupils who achieved level 8 (including Ritika, Adrian, Advaith, Jessie and Beth) and delighted to celebrate and applaud pupils attaining level 9s - Nitika, Pabish and other students.


For the fourth year The Ebbsfleet Academy has shown what excellent teaching, high expectations and hard work can achieve as we celebrate 60% of our pupils achieving the new headline measure of a standard pass in both English and maths. This summer Year 11 pupils across the country sat the newly reformed exams in both these subjects, which were designed to be far more challenging and rigorous. Ebbsfleet pupils increased their success in both these subjects with 70% of pupils achieving a pass (grade 4 or above) in English and 68% in maths.  In addition, 59% of our pupils gained at least five GCSEs including English and maths, a notable increase on last year’s already good results.

There were numerous students who did exceptionally well. Successful pupils who achieved all their GCSEs at grade C/level 4 or above included Nathan Quickenden (12, with 4 at A+); Thandi Mlambo (12, with 3 at A+); Adama Stone (11, 1 at A+); Deanna-Leigh Stuart (10, 4 at A+);  Thenujan Suthakaran (11, 4 at A+) and Keeleigh O’Brien (10, with 4 at A+).

Outstanding pupils who mostly achieved only the very top grades (A, A*, 7, 8 or 9) included Kayla Samson, achieving top grades in 8 of her 10 GCSEs, Tara Reidy-O’Brien achieving 7 of her 10 at top grade, Joshua Wilcox 7 of his 9, Brigid Flynn 8 of her 11, Ruveyda Ekinci 7 of her 12,  Sam Goodman 8 of his 11 and Caitlin Winter with an amazing 9 of her 10 GCSEs at the very top grades.

This is another superb achievement for the pupils, their families and their teachers.


Progress 8 score -0.27
Attainment 8 score 42.1
The percentage of students who achieved a good pass in English and Maths 37%
The percentage of students who achieved a standard pass in English and Maths 60%
The percentage of students entering for the English Baccalaureate 42%
The percentage of students who have achieved the English Baccalaureate 5%
The percentage of students who continue in education or training or who move into employment after Key Stage 4 90%


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Last academic year 98.3% of our students stayed in further education, training or apprenticeships. 


GCSE Success 2016

The Ebbsfleet Academy has shown what excellent teaching, high expectations and hard work can achieve as we celebrate 56% of our pupils gaining at least five good GCSEs including English and maths! Amongst the many successes were 67% of our pupils achieving a good grade in English and 66% achieving it in maths. The percentage of pupils achieving both subjects was 60%. Successful pupils achieving 9 GCSEs at C or above included Alex Andrews, Weronika Guzik, Lucy Moore, Jordan Constant, Jacob Painting, Harrison Prince and George Waterman. Star pupils achieving 10 good GCSEs included Poppy Carter, Reegan Knight and Joshua Jackson (both boys with all their grades at B or above).

This is another superb achievement for the pupils, their families and their teachers. In addition, since this Year group arrived at the predecessor school as a cohort with achievement well below that of other pupils nationally, it represents significant progress and shows just what heights can be achieved when pupils aspire to excel.

  • 55% of pupils achieved a C or above in GCSEs (or equivalent) in 5 or more subjects, including English and Maths .
  • 4.4% Percentage of pupils achieved the English Baccalaureate.
  • 70% of pupils in English and 77% in Maths have achieved at least the minimum expected levels of progress in English and maths between KS2 and KS4.
  • Progress 8 score is +0.2
  • Attainment 8 score of  44.8