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The Ebbsfleet Academy

The Ebbsfleet Academy

Hear from our student leaders


The Ebbsfleet Academy is delighted to introduce you to the Head Boy and Head Girl, who together along with a wider prefect team, demonstrates the school's commitment to promoting student leadership.  

Head Boy - Callum

Despite what may seem to be an intimidating start to a new school, you will very quickly be welcomed warmly and given opportunities to make new friends and develop new hobbies – either from getting to know the students in your tutor/prep class, working together as a group in many of your lessons or joining after-school clubs to learn a new skill.

Throughout my years at the academy, the level of support received from teachers and other staff members has been exceptional. Teachers will always be willing to assist you, whether that be about schoolwork or any other issues whatsoever.  Moreover, the quality of lessons and behaviour continue to increase every year, which is reflected in the constantly improving grades of Year 11s and Year 13s in their exams.

Not only will you grow intellectually throughout your time at the academy, but you will also grow as a person. Activities such as participating in sports days, spelling bees, art competitions and helping the local community will help you to become a more confident, kinder person.

I sincerely hope that you find it as easy to settle into a new school as I did. Everybody is in the same boat, it’s just a matter of how you embrace and cherish this next chapter of your life. 

Head Girl - Ruby

My name is Ruby and I am the Head Girl here at The Ebbsfleet Academy. I know there are a few years between us however, I will always be here as someone to listen and help you grow. It doesn’t matter whether you like English, Maths, Science, Art or P.E; the opportunities are here for you to achieve. I’m really excited to welcome your ideas and fresh input on how you enjoy the school as it is constantly evolving and improving. 

Callum (Head Boy) and I, may be older, but we are students like you, and are here every day ready to lend an ear for whatever you may need.

Making friendships, adjusting to a secondary school, finding a classroom or accessing any support that you may need can be difficult, but we have been there and we are always here to help. You can excel as an individual at Ebbsfleet, like I have. I wanted to be Head Girl for a couple of years and here I am. Anything is possible.

Come and find me in September and introduce yourself.