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The Ebbsfleet Academy

A Brook Learning Trust Academy

House system

On entry into the academy, each student will be allocated to one of four Houses. Our House system provides both a vehicle through which children from different year groups can work collaboratively and a focus for friendly academic and non-academic competition.

For more information about each of the house, please click on the titles below:


Mr Sutton read Ancient and Modern History at the Queen’s College, University of Oxford, graduating with a 2:1 BA (Hons) degree, entering teaching through the Teach First programme, completing his PGCE at Canterbury Christ Church University. Since joining the Ebbsfleet Academy last year, he has taught History, Geography and Global Learning, and now has the privilege of being appointed as head of Bell House.

Mr Sutton knows that all Bell House students are capable of more than they expect, and wants to push them to reach their full potential. He believes that getting the best education possible is vital for enabling students to make the most of their future careers and lives and will work relentlessly in supporting them to achieve their very best.

‘Bell House students have the potential to fulfil the very highest of expectations. Their ability to challenge themselves and to push themselves to achieve is an admirable quality, and they need to continue to be resilient throughout their school career and beyond. Every day, I see things from Bell House students which make me proud, and I know that they will continue to impress me through their resilience, integrity, independence, confidence and respect.’


Ms Dickman has worked at The Ebbslfeet Academy since it opened in 2013. She achieved a BSc (Hons) degree in Nutrition and Food Science from the University of Nottingham. Since joining The Ebbsfleet Academy she has taught a mixture of Science, Hospitality and Food Technology lessons, and has now become the Head of House for Drake House.

Ms Dickman aims to develop a House of resilient and confident individuals, who show ambition and determination in every aspect of their school lives.

“I have been proud to be a Drake House tutor for the past four years, and could not be happier to lead them forward as Head of House this academic year. I hope that the students and tutors of Drake House will show the same pride and enthusiasm for their House as I do. I want to develop the students within my House to display all of the academy values, with particular emphasis on integrity and resilience, to best prepare them for their futures beyond The Ebbsfleet Academy”.


Mr Appleby studied History and English Literature at Canterbury Christ Church University, graduating with a 2:1 BA Hons degree in 2008. From here, he followed his desire to work within education, spending three years as a pastoral leader at St Anselm’s Catholic School in Canterbury. This was the inspiration for Mr Appleby to move into a teaching role; he went on to enter the profession through the Graduate Teacher Programme, going on to become a teacher of English at a large comprehensive academy in Canterbury.

Mr Appleby has the highest expectations of every student in Scott House, encouraging them to recognise their potential and achieve their very best. He believes that every student is of great value and wants them to know this.

‘Scott House will strive to give their very best, aspiring and excelling in every area of school life, and beyond. I believe that by doing so, and displaying resilience, kindness and respect, Scott House will realise their fullest potential. Let’s move forward to success together!’


Mr T Knuckles - Head of House - SHARMAN

Mr Knuckles completed a Comparative Literary Studies degree at The University of Kent achieving a 2:1 BA (Hons); he then gained a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualification before working in Asia as an English teacher. On his return to the UK, he gained a PGCE in English at both Primary and Secondary level before electing to teach English in a Secondary school.

Mr Knuckles has exceptionally high expectations and concern for all students within Sharman House and wants all students to be successful, challenged and to enjoy all of their studies and extra-curricular activities. Mr Knuckles desires deeply to create an inclusive atmosphere where all students are happy, safe and have the ambition and drive to flourish; he holds in deep esteem the academy values of: integrity, resilience, independence, confidence and respect.

“The pastoral and tutor team will work tirelessly in order to ensure pupils are focused and successful whilst at The Ebbsfleet Academy. As a team we will work together to achieve the upmost and retain the House Trophy. I firmly believe that with the academy values instilled, students will not just excel in their academic career; they will be well-rounded and thrive successfully in their adult lives.”

Aspire, Excel

Sharman House