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The Ebbsfleet Academy

A Brook Learning Trust Academy

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Iain Dale 


When I was a parliamentary candidate I used to enjoy visiting local schools. I always learned something. Of course academies that time were a mere glint in Andrew Adonis’s eye. On Wednesday I visited an academy for the first time. It came about following an invitation from one of my LBC listeners who calls in regularly and takes me to task for some of my views on education policy. It turned out that Alison in Sydenham was also head of the Ebbsfleet Academy, which is just off the M25 near Gravesend. Four years ago it was a failing school. Those parents who cared about their children’s education didn’t want to send their kids there and the schools exam results were a joke. Seventeen per cent would get 5 GCSEs or more. The school then became an academy, changed its name, brought in a new head, and the rest, as they say was history. Last summer 54% of their pupils got 5 GCSEs or more including Maths and English. This year they expect to get more than 60%. It’s a remarkable turnaround. It’s been done through inspirational leadership, an almost total replacement of the teaching staff, and imposing rules and discipline. I have never seen such a clean and tidy school. Even all the classrooms were tidy.

Iain dale


Mail Online 

No-nonsense new headteacher sent home FIVE PER CENT of pupils on first day of school for breaching strict new uniform rules

Mail Online


Kent Online 

They can't be blamed for getting the result of the American election, as highly-paid pundits and pollsters did too, but pupils at Ebbsfleet Academy still had fun running their own mock vote.

Usually pretty close to the real polls in previous exercises like the general election and Brexit, the pupils were left stunned when their prediction of Hilary winning turned out to be wrong.

Pupils took personalised polling cards to voting booths after in-school campaigns, debates and assemblies on both sides.

Kent Online



School staff have been praised after they came to the rescue following a four-car collision.


The drama happened outside Ebbsfleet Academy, just as the school was celebrating the countdown to Christmas with a festive fair.


But many dropped everything and dashed to help after they realised what was happening outside the school gates.

Kent Online


News Shopper 

A generous pupil from The Ebbsfleet Academy is urging fellow students to help people suffering in Syria.

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