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The Ebbsfleet Academy

A Brook Learning Trust Academy

Staff testimonials

Holly Hicks - Inclusion Manager and Head of House

"To work at The Ebbsfleet Academy means to work at a school where you are valued as a member of staff as well as being part of a community that puts students first.

I have been working at the academy for over four years as an Inclusion Manager. I recently gained the position of Head of House and almost every year has offered a new challenge! Supporting the students and helping them achieve is something that I have always loved doing, and so this has naturally led me into becoming an Inclusion Manager overseeing all pastoral support.

What I enjoy most about working at The Ebbsfleet  Academy is that no two days are the same. It is no secret that working within education can provide certain stresses, it takes hard work and is always challenging with our students but when everything comes together I find it incredibly rewarding to see them engaging and making progress. Last but not least it is that all our staff get on really well, support each other and the academy has a positive atmosphere, something I find invaluable in a workplace."


Jonathan Kelly - Director of Learning for Technologies

"As a subject leader of many years experience I have become all too aware of how constant change and reinvention in education can waste time, detract from the focus, and ultimately dilute the quality of education that teachers are trying to deliver.

Ebbsfleet is not one of those 'initiative' schools. There are no gimmicks or new latest 'things', just sound common sense development of the way we educate. Our focus is on learning, plain and simple, and bringing about the conditions that are needed to make good learning happen with our students. At The Ebbsfleet Academy, I do not need to waste time on constant behaviour correction and sanctions. The school gives me the environment I need to teach effectively and the backup I need to correct things on the rare occasion when students need more than a lesson.

In short, Ebbsfleet is the school I have been looking to teach in for half a career, and that is why I have stayed."


Briony Thomas - Director of Learning for English

"I began my teaching career at The Ebbsfleet Academy as a participant on the Teach First Leadership Development Programme. Prior to my first day at the academy I was understandably nervous because I just did not know what to expect. I felt that the six weeks of training I received in the summer could not possibly be sufficient preparation to embark on a graduate scheme typically marketed as ‘challenging’ and I had recently moved house to a different county with other Teach First participants who were relative strangers. However, meeting my new colleagues on that first morning was immediately reassuring; I was struck by their enthusiasm and obvious pride in the academy as well as by their clear desire to support me in my professional development. The compassion and integrity of the staff here is reflected by their consistent encouragement of students to aspire to fulfil their potential. I am extremely proud to be a member of staff at The Ebbsfleet Academy and I am excited to be a part of the academy’s continuing drive to become the best school we can be."