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The Ebbsfleet Academy

A Brook Learning Trust Academy

Student achievement

The Ebbsfleet Academy promotes good manners and respect, honesty and personal responsibility. We expect the highest standards of conduct and good manners at all times and we aim to promote in our students a strong culture of achievement, aspiration and ambition for success. Good behaviour and endeavour are positively promoted and frequently acknowledged by achievement points, praise and rewards including The Ebbsfleet Academy “Key to Success” badges. We believe that acknowledging achievements motivates students and plays an important role in academy life. The achievement ladder below outlines the types of rewards available and how students should obtain these:


Reward Used in cases of…
House Point 

Good attitude to learning
Showing kindness
Excellent participation in lesson
Exceptional classwork
Exceptional homework
Displaying an Academy Value
100% attendance and punctuality for the week

Phone call home     Any reason deemed to be appropriate by your subject teacher, Tutor or Head of House
Postcard home     Any reason deemed to be appropriate by your subject teacher, Tutor or Head of House
Principal’s Commendation (and letter home)     Following a referral to the Principal by any member of staff
Invitation to join the Leadership Team for tea after school (‘LT Tea’)     Students nominated by Heads of House
Certificate at the half-termly Achievement Assembly     100% attendance for the Half Term. Awarded half-termly by the Head of House at assemblies
Being involved in Academy Day activities Students must meet all three criteria…
1.    To be in positive house points
2.    At least 96% attendance
3.    Less than 2% lateness
Key to Success badges Awarded every end of term (1b, 2b, 3b): 4 badges for conduct balance of 70+, 3 badges for 50+, 2 for 40+ and 1 for 20+
Fun-Key Fridays

Fun activities organised by the Heads of House 6 times a year.  Any student displaying their key badges can be involved

Rewards Trips

Organised three times a year by Heads of House

Award at the annual Academy Awards Evening
  • Gaining enough House Points for achievement awards
  • Chosen by a subject teacher for a Subject Excellence Award or Subject Achievement Award
  • Chosen by your Head of House for a Special Recognition Award.

The Prefect System

Students are appointed as Prefects in Year 10 and serve as Prefects from March of Year 10 to March of Year 11. Any student wishing to stand as a Prefect must submit a Prefect nomination form and a supporting statement, addressed to the Principal.   All nominations must be supported by at least ten students and four teachers.   All nominees will be interviewed by a member of the Leadership Team and provided with feedback. The final appointment of Prefects is left to the discretion of the Principal. 

The Head Boy and Head Girl will be selected from the previous Prefect team, and are in year 13.

The privilege of being a prefect is one which may be withdrawn in cases of misconduct.

The duties of a Prefect

  • To act as a role model to other students, demonstrating the utmost degree of diligence and embracing the academy’s values.
  • To assist the Leadership Team with their duties.
  • To act as an ambassador for the academy in the local community.
  • To help with organisation and running of academy-wide events (e.g. parents evenings, open events).
  • To chair the House councils and lead the development of House ethos.
  • To attend Prefect meetings and training sessions.
  • To mentor and tutor younger students.

Prefect privileges

  • Prefect badge.
  • First into lunch every day.
  • Invitation to special prefect events (e.g. Tea with the Principal, team building adventure day).
  • Opportunities to represent the academy at prestigious events.
  • Opportunities to participate in educational visits.
  • An excellent opportunity for skills development.
  • A ‘unique selling point’ for your CV and UCAS Form.

Junior Prefects

Students in year 7 to 10 who achieve 250 house points are eligible to apply to be a Junior Prefect.  Junior Prefects work under Senior Prefects acting as ambassadors for the academy.  Junior Prefects also complete duties, and help with academy wide events.