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The Ebbsfleet Academy

A Brook Learning Trust Academy



The EA6 curriculum is designed to give breadth and variety for students to choose from. At EA6, students can choose from a number of different IB or A Level qualifications which ensures the curriculum is tailored directly to individual students' needs and aspirations. 

The IBCP certificate is a high quality, diverse and rigorous qualification. Students wishing to pick the IBCP can choose two or more diploma subjects, one vocational subject, and will sit core lessons which comprise of service learning (volunteering), language development (learning sign language), reflective project (one essay based on an ethical topic) and PPS (personal and professional skills). The current diploma subjects we offer are history, economics, English literature and language, psychology and ITGS (information technology in a global study). The current vocational qualifications we offer are BTEC Sport and LIBF Finance. All qualifications will be reviewed for the next academic year and are subject to change. The IBCP certificate is an attractive proposition to universities who enjoy the mixture of rigour and holistic development in the students who take it. 

The A Level route we offer students provides an equally demanding yet exciting programme of study. The A Level courses currently on offer are A Level maths, A Level biology and A Level chemistry. All qualifications will be reviewed before the next academic year and are subject to change. A Levels provide students with a comprehensive and in depth exploration of these subjects in preparation for further students at university.