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Ebbsfleet Academy

Ebbsfleet Academy


"Pupils' personal development and welfare are at the centre of the school's work".

(Ofsted, 2016)

We expect the highest standards of conduct and good manners at all times, as well as excellent attendance. Good behaviour and endeavour are positively promoted and frequently acknowledged by achievement points, praise and rewards including Ebbsfleet Academy “Key to Success” badges. Unacceptable behaviour will be met by consistent, clear and unavoidable sanctions. Ebbsfleet Academy promotes good manners and respect, honesty and personal responsibility. We have a zero tolerance approach to bullying, so the school is a safe, calm and happy place for all.

"The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils' conduct around the school is orderly and the atmosphere is pleasant".

(Ofsted, 2016)

All members of the Academy community are expected to…


  • Attend the academy every day, punctually and in full academy uniform worn correctly.
  • Arrive at lessons punctually and with the appropriate equipment.
  • Focus on your studies and work to the best of your ability at all times.
  • Complete your homework to the best of your ability and hand it in by the deadline.
  • Never give up!


  • Show kindness and respect to all members of the academy community and the environment.
  • Report any incidents of bullying to a member of staff.
  • Follow any instruction given by an adult first time and without complaint.


  • Always act responsibly, sensibly and maturely.
  • Remember that we are all ambassadors for our Academy.

"Pupils take pride in their appearance and are proud to be members of the school community".

(Ofsted, 2016)