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Working party

Meet our volunteers

Meet the members of The Ebbsfleet Academy working party who have volunteered their skills to produce PPE visors, scrubs, scrub wash bags, face masks and headbands:

  • Mr Jon Kelly, Design and Technology Teacher 
  • Mr Jon Kelly’s family Mrs Ling Kelly and son, Alex Barnes
  • Alex Lister, Governor for East Kent Hospitals University
  • Naps Gallimore, Director of Learning - Art, Design & Technology 
  • Daniel Owen-Taylor, LH Lead 
  • Holly Hicks, Inclusion Manager
  • Claire Parsons, Art Teaching Assistant  
  • Sharon Garrott, Product Design Teacher
  • Laura Dickman, Food Technology Teacher
  • Mandie Rose, Reprographics Officer

Thank you to all the members of The Ebbsfleet Academy working party and to others like them, who are doing what they can to fight the virus. 

If anyone has dressmaking skills and would also like to volunteer their time to help, please get in touch.

Stay safe